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May 21, 2020

3 Steps towards your ideal life..

Step 1: Be you.

The first step is to just be you, and figure out what it is that makes you a success, because we are all unique.

I am at a point in my life, where I don’t compare myself or my lifestyle to anyone else’s.

I’ve worked out what makes me happy, and what success looks like to me.

A lot of our western world has become obsessed with keeping up with the Joneses, and so many people are in debt up to their eyeballs, and I am talking from experience.

To me success is having a happy family unit, kicking goals in my business, and having good relationships with my friends and peers.

Having the million dollar house and the Ferrari and round the world trips are incredibly enticing, and would be the icing on the cake when and if they come, but if they don’t, I will still see myself as successful.

Step 2: Good habits.

Creating good daily habits.

Mine are:

      1. Faith.
      2. Keeping fit.
      3. Eating healthy.
      4. Family and friends.
      5. Having fun.

I know, none of this is rocket science, but how many of us get ourselves in a rut, and end up on an ever ending treadmill going no-where?

I have practiced these daily habits now for over 20 years, and I can testify that when trials come, and they will, you are able to endure them with grace and humility.

Step 3: Follow your passion.

You will know what your passion is when you find it brings you joy and puts a smile on your face, and its easy and not burdensome.

I’m in the Franchise sector, and I happen to be in the mobile tyre business, and I must confess, I don’t love tyres and I’m not passionate about cars, (the Ferrari is the exception of course) but I love and enjoy working with people, so for me, I’m following my passion of running a business, and seeing other businesses thrive.


If you’ve been doing what you’re doing for ages, and you know your stuck in a rut, you’re the only one that can change your situation, and it takes guts to do that.

But it is liberating when you choose to step out and do what’s right for you and your family, instead of what’s bets for someone else.

Could Wheel Change U be the next step to your ideal life?

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