Our FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about how to use Wheel Change U services. If there are any of your questions not in this list, please send us an email.
How do I make a booking?

You can book online using our easy-to-use booking form here. Or simply call one of our friendly customer service staff on 1300 731 187, tell them your tyre size and they will organise a mutually convenient time to come out and fit your tyres.

When do I make payment?

You do not have to pay for your tyres until the driver has come out and fitted them to your vehicle. All of our drivers carry mobile Eftpos machines for your convenience.

How long will it take to change my tyres?

The time taken can vary depending upon the degree of difficulty, however, as a rule of thumb 4 tyres will generally take an hour to replace.

How much space will you need to change my tyres?

We normally don’t need much space at all. Usually, if there is enough space to open the car doors, that will be enough space for us.

What if my car is parked in a sloped or inclined area?

Most minor slopes or inclines are ok. If we feel there may be some dramas, we will ask you to move your vehicle to a more level area.

Are there any areas you do not work in?
  • Any area that represents a danger whatsoever (yourself, your property, our fitters, our equipment).
  • Any area where we are not able to park our Van in reasonably close proximity.
I am not sure about the quality of your tyres. Do you have some sort of guarantee?

Yes, we provide a best value for money guarantee. In order to back this up, we will provide a refund if it is still within 45 days, 1000km since your purchase. Conditions apply. Please click here to view them. For details in relation to the quality / technology of our tyres please click here.

Do you have any insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured and also have public liability insurance.