Introducing ENIRGI batteries

Wheel Change U Enirgi Batteries Available

Introducing ENIRGI batteries

High Quality, Reliable, Powerful Batteries. Available NOW at WheelChangeU

Wheel Change U are introducing a new product range – Batteries.

Our partner “Enirgi” produce high quality starting, start stop and dual purpose batteries covering a wide range of applications. All available batteries feature innovative technology to provide ultra-reliable starting power. They are sealed and maintenance free which maximises convenience and safety.

For a limited time we offer a free battery life test and any battery purchased will be fitted for free during our office hours (after hours fitting may incur a fee).

For more information or to make your booking please call Chris NOW on 0488 385 878

Additionally Wheel Change U are now an Authorised Recycling Centre for batteries. Your used batteries will go to modern battery recycling plants that break the batteries into their component parts so that the materials can be recycled and used again. If you need to dispose of any batteries please call us 1300 731 187.