A tyre fitter that comes to you, FREE!

Mobile Car Tyre Fitting

A tyre fitter that comes to you, FREE!

Replacing tyres on your car can be a frustrating time, particularly if you work full time or are juggling children. You need to book your car in and drop it off for the day or wait around until the job is finished (usually taking up your lunch break).

Recognising this problem that affected so many people led to the formation of Wheel Change U: a mobile tyre sales and fitting business. Wheel Change U operates out of a van and will come to you with your new tyres and fit them in a matter of minutes. Whether you are at home with the kids, working in the office or even at the shopping centre Wheel Change U will take all of the hassle out of replacing your tyres.

The best part is that the service is free! You only pay for the tyres, and starting at only $79 a tyre you are looking at huge cost savings.

Wheel Change U is currently operating throughout Newcastle and Brisbane areas and are looking to expand. Adam, franchisee of Brisbane Wheel Change U has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people enquiring about his service: “We operate throughout the entire Brisbane region with most of the business being new tyre sales and then fitting them on-site, but people are also having me drop over to fix punctures or conduct wheel alignments etc. Basically, anything a full blown tyre mechanic workshop can do, I can do. I just happen to be more efficient and more mobile!”

If you’re looking for the most efficient and cost effective ways to have your car tyres replaced give the team at Wheel Change U a call 1300 731 187 or book online here. There are also franchise opportunities in other major cities. If you’re looking to be your own boss with a proven business model that works please get in touch here or by calling 0402 455 261.