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Take control of your future, and Join us in pioneering the Mobile Tyre Market in Australia.

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The best way to conquer the rat race is to build your own Empire.

But building a business is not easy...

You might find yourself in a series of overwhelming challenges.

Have you been experiencing these roadblocks in your life as an entrepreneur?

WE HEAR YOU! and we’re here to tell you there is hope...

You see, We’ve been there.

And the good news is, We have a Hassle-free system for you to start..

HI THERE! I'm Karin,


After researching the car tyre service industry, in 2011 we started by setting up with a single company owned van that grew into 3 vans running throughout the Newcastle and Hunter regions—employing tyre fitters and providing practical and personable service to customers.

Wheel Change U was the first Mobile Tyre service in Australia.

We knew there were Mobile car tyre franchises throughout the UK  and were seemingly very successful, so we decided to adopt the Franchise model but had absolutely no idea of the time and cost that would be involved.

In 2015, after establishing everything that was needed to set up the Wheel Change U Mobile Tyre Franchise System, we recruited our 1st Franchise Partner in QLD.

We know that Wheel Change U will only continue to grow as more advancements in technology are happening, that’s why we want to share this opportunity to more people who have the desire to start their own business.

We take pride in the business model and the solid support system we have created.

Imagine a life where you can structure your days to create a work/life balance that suits you, giving you the time to schedule in family events, holidays and activities that are important to you, where you never miss a moment.

This is all possible when you work for yourself and are in a partnership with Wheel Change U

We’re passionate about seeing businesses thrive in the systems we have created,

Here's What our partners have to say..

Adam Bailey

Brisbane Franchise Partner

” I had a completely different background with regards to the industry. So, no Tyre experience at all.. It was all made really really easy for me with the training setup and ongoing support. Obviously, big benefits about running your own business—flexible with with your lifestyle and what you do with your time. If you get stuck with a particular job or particular issue, support is one call away. That’s all provided, which is fantastic! The van itself fully kitted out everything you need, basically a mobile workshop on wheels. It can be fast paced.. can be slow paced, depending on what you’re doing. The actual work is enjoyable. “


Sunshine Coast Franchise Partner

“I pretty much had enough of my old business through not seeing my children enough. So I couldn’t resist.. 

I did a discovery day with Adam in South Brisbane and I just found it to be a really great concept and I enjoy working on motor vehicles, motorbikes, that sort of stuff. I really believe that’s a good thing. You probably don’t need to be mechanically minded or have had anything to do with motor vehicles in the past. You just got to have your head screwed on and be ready to do a bit of work. But being able to do it yourself and regulate your own hours is a brilliant thing. And in family life, that’s all you need, Really.”

WHEEL CHANGE U provides a PROVEN SYSTEM to your Success.

We’ll be guiding you every step of they way and helping you with all you need to know to succeed in business and life.

So, If you’re ready to kick-start your business-owner journey,

Simply fill up the form below and our team will contact you for the next steps.