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Become Your own boss


Take control of your future, and Join us in pioneering the Mobile Tyre Market in Australia.

In order to create this balance, you need to start WORKing FOR YOURSELF.

But building a business is not easy...

You might find yourself in a series of overwhelming challenges.

Have you been experiencing these roadblocks in your life as an entrepreneur?

WE HEAR YOU! and we’re here to tell you IT's possible...

You see, We’ve been there.

And the good news is, We have a Solid system for you to start..

HI THERE! I'm Adam,

Master Franchisor of Ipswich

Like you, I’ve been in a corporate role—worked in the same industry for 25 years or more…

That said, the thought of getting stuck into something new that I could be in control of—my own business, particularly. Where I’d been able to not only earn a decent income, but also something that I could grow from the ground up and coming from a different industry really appealed to me.

In my corporate role, I was doing about 60 hours a week or maybe more sometimes. I was dedicated to it—a role essential for someone else.

By going into a new Franchise straight away, I was able to step out of that and started to build something for myself; but like any business, It needed time and a lot of effort to grow into a successful one—giving me the lifestyle and business career that I have now.

Wheel Change U as well as Ipswich (My territory) has grown so much after 5 years that I’ve looked after it, and I’ve realized that we will only continue to grow from here..

There have been days where in I’d be turning down jobs since I could no longer service them for the day, and there’s still too many even after referring them to other members of the Wheel Change U team.

The flexibility is there, I get to be in the present and spend more time with my family—now that I only work 4 days a week in a van with 6-figure earnings.

I COULD NOT have had more time to have a bit more out of life if I had not franchised.

I can take my daughter to school and I can pick her up. If I wanted a day off, I can take a day off or even just a few hours off.. the work-life balance is definitely something working towards and I would probably never want to work for someone else again..

Which led me to this mission of sharing to more people this life-changing opportunity that I personally would not have had any other way. If I hadn’t taken this step..

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IPswich is expanding

AND we're looking for driven and COMMITTED individuals

to help us continue to grow in the region and provide excellent tyre-fitting services

Here's What our CUSTOMERs have to say..

Jordan Ryan

Director, Jet Team Finance

For the past 3 years, Wheel Change U have been the obvious choice for us as a business, when it comes to getting vehicles ready for sale. The team is always accommodating and are experts in wheels and tyres, offering the best solutions and products for each and every model of vehicle we’ve had.

To have the flexibility of them coming to us has been game changing. I’ve worked in the car industry now for over 12 years and not having to leave an office, take a vehicle to workshop and wait around, has been incredible for our productivity. As the director of a dealership and Car Brokerage company, I cannot recommend Wheel Change U more highly. I continue to point all of my customers to this incredible team.

Mobile Test'N'CAL

Words from Brenden Walsh, Field Service Manager – QLD

We have been using Wheel Change U since 2017 and have been extremely pleased with the quality of their work.

With our business being predominantly mobile-based, Adam works with us to ensure our vehicles are off the road for the least amount of time possible. We would highly recommend Wheel Change U.

WHEEL CHANGE U provides a PROVEN SYSTEM to your Success.

We’ll be guiding you every step of they way and helping you with all you need to know to succeed in business and life.

We are passionate about seeing businesses thrive in the systems we have created,

Here's What our partners have to say..


Sunshine Coast Franchise Partner

“I pretty much had enough of my old business through not seeing my children enough. So I couldn’t resist.. 

I did a discovery day with Adam in South Brisbane and I just found it to be a really great concept and I enjoy working on motor vehicles, motorbikes, that sort of stuff. I really believe that’s a good thing. You probably don’t need to be mechanically minded or have had anything to do with motor vehicles in the past. You just got to have your head screwed on and be ready to do a bit of work. But being able to do it yourself and regulate your own hours is a brilliant thing. And in family life, that’s all you need, Really.”

Allan Wilson

Newcastle Franchise Partner

” When the pandemic first and only being a Wheel Change U franchisee for about 10 months was very worried with how this could impact me.

Now,  My business is as busy as ever and has been the entire time. I was unable to claim job keeper as my sales were well above the previous year, I believe this is a very positive outcome and proves that as a mobile service and with the procedures we put in place, COVID 19 has not affected us at all, at this stage. If anything it has given us more exposure as people are looking for other alternative ways to go about their life.

All of this couldn’t have happened without the support from everyone that is a part of our wonderful team. The constant phone calls and zoom meetings with everyone, talking and working out ways to help each other has been the best support one could ask for.

The pandemic has not yet affected my business, if anything it has given me more exposure and increased my workload. I’m very excited about what the future holds for myself and Wheel Change U. “

There is no doubt that being your own boss provides access to a lifestyle

that doesn’t exist when you are working for someone else.

So, if you want to have the freedom to dictate how you want your days

And is ready to kick-start your business-owner journey,

Simply fill-up the form below and our team will contact you for the next steps.