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Wheel Change U is a business centred around making things easier for every driver. Our core business is the supply and fitment of new tyres. With a huge range of brands at the lowest prices and the ability to order online or over the phone, it has never been easier to buy new tyres for your car and have them fitted. We take all the hardwork out of this arduous task. Call the team at Wheel Change U today and we can talk you through the right tyre to buy for your car, at the price level you’re looking for. You can then book a time for our technician to come to your home or office and fit the new tyres for you

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No more driving to a warehouse in your lunch break and waiting around while your tyres are fitted. We can fit your new tyres just about anywhere; we only need a couple of metres beside your car to fit our car jack in.

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What we stock

Due to our large buying power you are able to buy some of the biggest tyre brands at the lowest prices. You can have a new tyre supplied and fitted at your home for as little as $79! Ask us how.

Below are some examples of our best selling Brands.

Cheap Tyres by Reliable Brands
Cheap Tyres by Reliable Brands

Tyre Size Guide

Tyre sizes for passenger cars are usually expressed as something like 205/65 R15 94V.

This is how you read the numbers:

  • 205 refers to the width of the tyre (sidewall to sidewall) in mm
  • 65 refers to the ratio of the sidewall, to the tread. For example in this case the sidewall is 65% of 205. Check some tyres that have an aspect ratio of 35, and you’ll see the difference.
  • R means that the tyre is a radial ply construction. All passenger tyres these days are “R”, which means that the casing cords run radially from bead to bead and belt cords run directly under the tread.
  • 15 refers to the rim diameter in inches
  • The 94 refers to the load index (see below).
  • The letter appearing after the load index is the speed rating (see below).

Wheel Change U Tyre Change Guide

Here’s what the load index number means:

  • 81 = 462 kg
  • 82 = 475 kg
  • 85 = 515 kg
  • 86 = 530 kg
  • 87 = 545 kg

  • 90 = 900 kg
  • 91 = 630 kg
  • 94 = 670kg
  • 95 = 690 kg
  • 100 = 800 kg

Here’s what the speed rating symbol means:

  • N = 140 km/h
  • P = 150 km/h
  • Q = 160 km/h
  • R = 170 km/h

  • S = 180 km/h
  • T = 190 km/h
  • U = 200 km/h
  • H = 210 km/h

  • V = 240 km/h
  • Z = 240 km/h
  • W = 270 km/h
  • Y = 300 km/h

Note 1: Yes, some of them seem to be out of order, and some are the same!
Note 2: These are maximum tested speeds – not recommended speeds!

Do not mix and match tyres with different speed ratings on your vehicle. Speed rated tyres should be replaced in sets of 4, and there’s not problem in using a higher speed rating tyre on your vehicle than recommended. Just don’t go lower than the values listed on your tyre specification from your car manufacturer. Consult your car manual.


You can book online using our easy-to-use booking form or simply call one of our friendly customer service staff on 1300 731 187, tell them your tyre size and they will organise a mutually convenient time to come out and fit your tyres.

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