March 15, 2022

Tyres: When Should it Be Replaced?

Did you know that your car tyres, while often overlooked, play an important role in ensuring your safety, the safety of other road users and that your car is safe to drive?

This is due to the fact that your car tyres are the only link between you and the road, support the entire weight of your car, bolster your car from irregularities in the road surface and respond to driving inputs such as manoeuvring, speeding up, and braking.

Knowing the vital role that your car tyres play in your safety, how will you know when to change them?

If your tyre shows signs of ageing

Tyres do not need to be replaced at a set interval of time or mileage. It has no predictable life span, which is why it is critical to inspect your car tyres for signs of ageing. Even if your car is rarely used, its tyres will begin to age and oxidize especially if stored in a dry location away from sunlight and heat. Temperature, maintenance, storage conditions, load, speed, pressure, driving style, and damage are some of the factors that can shorten the life of a tyre causing it to age.

If your tyre is damaged

Cuts or tears, as well as bulges, are the most common types of tyre damage. Tyre cuts are most commonly caused by colliding with solid or sharp foreign objects on the road or simply driving over a pothole, as well as other external factors such as poor road conditions and protruding bodywork. Bulges, on the other hand, indicate that the internal construction of the tyre has been compromised.

If you identify abnormal wear

Uneven tyre wear occurs when your wheels are unbalanced due to a mechanical problem or issues, damaged or bent wheels caused by potholes or bad roads, incorrect inflation or tyre pressure, bad wheel alignment, and worn-out suspension that causes your car to “bounce” on every road bump.

When the tread depth falls below the legal limit

Car tyres in Australia must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, and if it falls below this legal limit, your tyres must be replaced. Tread depth is measured vertically from the top of the tire’s rubber to the bottom of the tire’s deepest grooves.

The next time you look at your car, don’t forget to pay attention to your tyres’ external appearance for any signs of ageing or damage. To ensure that you and your family are safe the next time you drive your car, have it inspected by a tyre specialist or leave it to the experts.

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